Democratic Rapid Response: Video: Democrats Standing Up For Medicare and Medicaid: 48 Years and Counting: How to Make Medicare an Option For Everyone

Choice in Health Insurance For All

Choice in Health Insurance For All

Democrats Standing Up For Medicare and Medicaid: 48 Years and Counting – YouTube.

Progressives or Socialists in America are always saying that Medicare should be available for more people. That it is the best health insurer in the United States and it shouldn’t be available for just senior citizens. I disagree with their proposal on how to do that by making Medicare the sole provider of health insurance and outlawing private and other public. Health insurance but I agree that Medicare should be available to more Americans for multiple reasons. Which I may get into later and have covered on this blog before in the healthcare reform section.

Conservatives at least say they want more choice in the healthcare system but where I disagree with them is on their solutions. They still have this idea that if you get government completely out-of-the-way. Meaning no more regulations or a bare-minimum if any. Including allowing individuals to hold healthcare providers and insurers accountable through the. Legal system, that prices would come down and there would be more affordable private. Health insurance available to more Americans. I clearly disagree with that as well, because if you allow actors to act badly, than that’s exactly what they will do. And some of our health insurance companies are a big reason why our healthcare costs are so high.

Liberals such as myself and other supporters of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. Believe we need to do several things as how we provide health insurance.

One better and more regulation of the private health insurance industry, which is what we are currently getting with the ACA.

Two more competition in the healthcare system and these healthcare exchanges are part of that. As well as having more people who can afford health insurance with the tax credit for individuals and employers to provide health insurance.

Three and here’s where I believe Progressive-Socialists, Liberals and Conservatives can find common ground. The private health insurance industry remains in place but better regulated. With more Americans if not everyone at some point once my plan and others who support this as well is put into place. We all agree that Medicare is a very good health insurer that provides good and affordable health insurance one of the reasons why it is so popular. Liberals and Conservatives want more choice so this is where we would agree on Medicare. But what Progressive-Socialists would get out of this is everyone in America having access to. Medicare if they want it which is what the public option is about and if everyone decides. That Medicare is the best game in town when it comes to health insurance. Then Medicare For All supporters at some point would get what they want anyway.

This public option would be available to everyone not living in poverty. And would be financed the way private health insurers are financed, employer-employee. Or we could eliminate the middleman and have individuals pick up those costs themselves. Saving money on bureaucracy but we wouldn’t need to raise new taxes or find another way to fund it. Because it would be paid for by the people who consume it and are served by it. And we would bring in the states as well and allow for them to set up their own Medicare public option. Operating on basic fundamental guidelines rather than having the Federal Government running the whole. System and by doing this more Americans get affordable quality health insurance. While leaving their freedom of choice in place.


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