RTAmerica: Video: New Yorkers ‘free to be fat’

Free to Choose

Free to Choose

New Yorkers 'free to be fat' – YouTube.

The whole soda ban and the movement to ban junk food all together by Paternalists people who I call. Nanny-Statists is a perfect example of big government gone wild or the Nanny-State run amuck. Because it interferes with people’s personal choices and gives that power over to government whatever level that is. To make these decisions for the individual. Of course obesity is a problem in America but you shouldn’t try to fix a problem by creating other. Problems which is what this would do because these items will still be consumed anyway. What you do with a problem is solve the problem instead. Sounds simplistic but apparently not enough people understand that. And the way to solve this problem is by forcing people to pay for their own unhealthy choices instead through taxation. Rather than allowing for people who make unhealthy choices which is what deciding to eat junk food and drink soft drinks are. To pass those costs onto others especially people who choose to live healthy.


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