Swrose 24: Video: Richard Wolff: Intro to Marxian Economics, Session One

Marxist History

Marxist History

Richard Wolff – Intro to Marxian Economics (Session One) – YouTube.

Socialism is becoming lets say more tolerable in America as more Americans especially younger Americans are learning more about it. That Socialism doesn’t have to be and in most cases isn’t. State control of the economy, that all enterprise in the country is owned by the central government on behalf of the people. The fact is most Socialist countries and all of the Socialist countries in the developed world. Have private enterprise and Capitalist economic systems. They are what are called mixed economies. Private enterprise to go along with tight regulations, high taxes and a large welfare state managed by the. Central government on behalf of the people who is what Socialism tends to look like in the world. And what Progressives or Socialists in America want to bring to the United States. The United States has a mixed economy with a safety-net, public education and so forth. But where roughly after you subtract taxes from the Federal, state and local governments. 30-40 percent of the economy is privately owned with property rights and so forth.


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