▶ The Red Labour: Video: Tyranny VS. Liberty: Liberal Left From A Socialist Perspective

Socialist Liberal

Socialist Liberal

▶ Tyranny VS. Liberty: Liberal Left From A Socialist Perspective – YouTube.

As a Liberal even though I disagree with Socialists on economic policy however they describe their politics. I respect Socialist-Liberals, people who believe in a high degree of personal freedom. That government should be out of our personal lives as long as we aren’t hurting innocent people with what we are doing. Which is what Liberals believe in, you can’t be a Liberal and a Paternalist. Its one or the other but who are Socialists on economic policy with the welfare state. Spread the wealth and so forth, big centralize government and all that. That would be where Socialists lose me in their politics. But Socialist-Liberals I could roll with in the sense that we would find plenty of common ground. When it comes to social issues, crime and punishment, civil liberties, War on Drugs, aspect of foreign policy. But where we would differ is when it comes to economic policy and certain aspects of foreign policy and. National security where I’m a Liberal-Internationalist and not an Isolationist.

Sorry for the immature jackass in the video the reason for the poor video quality. But he does make some good points.


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