RT: The Big Picture- “What To Do When You No Longer Need Your Slaves?”

Thom Hartmann
Source: RT: The Big Picture- What To Do When You No Longer Need Your Slaves?

The answer is pretty simple as far as what you do which is create jobs. But as far as how you accomplish that is a little more complicated. But a good way to do that is by creating good jobs in areas that the country needs like in construction and manufacturing. And a good way to do that is through new infrastructure investment which would be a boom for our construction and manufacturing industries. That would create millions of good jobs in these industries. You create jobs by responding to demand and creating new demand. We have a trillion-dollar deficit in infrastructure in America. That is where government can help create jobs financing infrastructure jobs.

Infrastructure investment, is not the only thing that America needs to people back to work and create more jobs. We should be expanding small business and small business loans and targeting those loans to the long-term unemployed especially if they are already educated. And empower them to create their own business, if other business’s won’t hire them. We could create cooperatives among the unemployed and encourage unemployed workers to come together and create their own business’s together. Create new business’s especially in struggling communities with high poverty and unemployment and put people to work in these business’s.

As far as arresting people simply for being unemployed and then kicking these innocent people in the balls, or tush again just for being unemployed. I;m trying to think of something that is not unconstitutional about that. That sounds as bad indefinite detention. As risk at stating the obvious, unemployment is not illegal. When someone is unemployed government should help that person get back to work and help them in the short-term while they’re looking for another job. Not make prisoners out of people who are only guilty of being unemployed and were downsized when business was bad.


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