Thom Hartmann: Caller- Thom You are a Marxist!


Source: Thom Hartmann- Karl Marx, a Real Marxist 

Source: Thom Hartmann: Caller- Thom You Are A Marxist!

To stand up for Thom Hartmann for once (and perhaps the last time) . He’s not a Marxist, but someone like U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders or Ralph Nader, a capitalist as someone whose in favor of capitalism,. but mixed in with a strong centralized Federal welfare state. To provide the basic social services that Social Democrats do not trust the private sector to provide even if they are strongly regulated. I would describe Thom Hartmann as a Social Democrat ideologically. Not a Liberal or a Marxist. Democratic Socialist even, someone who believes in democracy (social democracy) that is and even capitalism, private enterprise and even property rights. But again with an economy that os highly taxed to provide a lot of government-run human services. And where government is very centralized with the national government.

The caller on this show who called Thom Hartmann a Marxist, I believe is probably a hyper-partisan Tea Party member. Who puts everyone on the Left in one big basket of Un-Americans. (As they would put it) Who wants to destroy their American way of life and our private enterprise capitalist economic system. A real Marxist doesn’t believe in private property, property rights,private enterprise and of course capitalism. Thom is a small businessman and there’s no such this as any small businessperson in a Marxist state. Where all the authority and power of the country is centralized with the central government and Communist Party. Thom Hartmann is pretty Far-Left by American political standards. But not to the point that he wants to centralized all power in the country with one government and eliminate the private sector.


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