▶PBS: Video: Charlie Rose Show: Jeffrey Sachs: The Price of Civilization, 10/05/2011

Role of Government

Role of Government

▶ Jeffrey Sachs, The Price of Civilization, on Charlie Rose.1-3, (2011-10-05) – YouTube.

I believe a consensus of Americans believe that taxes are a price to pay for civilization. Or a price to pay for a developed country that you need an effective national government as. Well a state or provincial governments and local governments especially in a country with the. Awesome size of the United States both physically and in population. But then the debate in the country is how high taxes should be and since we all pay Federal taxes in one form or. Another how high should Federal taxes be, what do we need the Federal Government to which is different from. What we want it to do and how much revenue does the Federal Government need to do the things that we need it to do.

As a Liberal myself I’m not pro or anti-government but I’m in favor of effective limited government that just does the things that we need it to do. Because it is the most qualified to do those services. Not try to run our lives for us and take away choice from us and not allow us to be able to get those services in the private sector. Like in education and healthcare but be there to do the things that we need it to do and even in some cases. Give the private sector some competition so they can perform better and education and healthcare. Would be a couple of examples of that as well. But we also need the Federal Government to handle national security, foreign policy, interstate crime, regulate not run the economy. To protect innocent workers and consumers from predators. And then working with the states and local governments have a social-welfare-system that is there for people. Who need it like when they are unemployed but also there to help them get up and be able to take care of themselves. To use as some examples not there to run our lives and tell us how to live our own lives.


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