▶ Infomisa: Video: The Affordable Care Act & The Patient’s Bill of Rights

Patients Bill of Rights

Patients Bill of Rights

▶ The Affordable Care Act & The Patient's Bill of Rights – YouTube.

A Patients Bill of Rights is exactly that. The ability for individuals to keep their health insurance when they actually need it. Rather than just paying into a plan but never receiving the benefits from it. Which is what insurance companies want in too many cases. To collect those premiums that you and perhaps your employer pay into. So they can profit from that but never actually have to deliver the benefits of the services they are supposed to provide. Because of the premiums that you are paying. Along with eliminating lifetime caps so your insurance doesn’t run out because you’ve already consumed a certain amount of healthcare. A long with not being denied healthcare because of a pre-existing-condition. As well as being able to choose your own doctor rather than insurance companies or government making those. Decisions for you which are protections that we must have in a private health insurance system. To prevent companies from making profits off the backs of people without having to deliver the services. That their customers are paying for.


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