American Capitalism: Building a Great Economy

I agree but where I would differ with a lot of so-called Progressives is how to accomplish this. Trickle-down-economics clearly doesn’t work in America except for the 10-20 percent of. The country who are already doing very well.

But there are two forms of trickle-down-economics. And they both come from government. One is based on giving the business sector the economic power to use and hoping that benefits the rest of us. The other is giving government the power and hoping that their. Spending of most of our money on our parts will benefit everyone equally.

I disagree with both of those

Economic Freedom

Economic Freedom

approaches as a Liberal and my approach is about building the economy the middle out. And what does that mean, you empower people who need it to be able to control. Their own lives and take control of their own destinies. And allow for them to make the best out of life for themselves that they can. Rather than expecting business or government to do that for us. That comes through better education and job-training.


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