▶Thom Hartmann: Video: Peter Ferrara: Is Food a Human Right?

People Who Can Eat

People Who Can Eat

▶ Is food a human right? – YouTube.

This is sorta a silly question in America because food is simply not a right in the United States by law or constitutionally. So I don’t even consider this to be a real question. Of course we as a country and government has a role here to prevent human suffering. The real question is what to do about it and yes immediate assistance so people don’t suffer should be. Part of that but what you do going forward so you don’t have so many people in poverty and living on public assistance. And requiring people on public assistance if they aren’t working to be looking for work, going back to school. Doing what they need to put themselves in position to go to work with a good job. Makes sense to me as well as having a work requirement for low-income workers on public assistance as well so they continue to work. Which is a very good public investment which also benefits the economy because you have more workers who can. Spend money which creates new jobs for other people.


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