▶Thom Hartmann: Video: “Welfare Reform is a Gift to WalMart!”



▶ Welfare reform is a gift to Wal-Mart! – YouTube.

Welfare to Work works when people on Welfare are able to get themselves a good education and job-training. So they can either leave Welfare to a good job and be able to leave public assistance all together. Because now they make enough money so they are able to pay their own bills. Or leave a low-income job into the workforce with a good job. But when it doesn’t work is when you take low-skilled people and get them off Welfare and into low-income jobs. Without the ability to get the education and job-training that they need to get a good job. Because you just add to the list of low-income dead-end jobs and population of people who tax payers. Are going to get stuck with the bill of having to take care of indefinitely because they simply. Aren’t able to make enough money to take care of themselves.


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