The Birch Swinger’s: Bobby Kennedy’s Speech For Humanity

Bobby Kennedy, laying out perfectly what it means to live in a liberal democracy. What individual liberty is about the right for Americans to live their own lives and live in freedom. Without government infringing on individual lives and their rights to live their own lives. All the freedom that Americans need is laid out for us in the United States Constitution. Starting with the First Amendment, with our right to speak, right to assemble, freedom of press, freedom to worship, or not worship.

The Second Amendment, that grants us the right to self-defense. The Fourth Amendment that protects our right to privacy. So government can’t interfere with how individual Americans live their own lives. Including our property rights, that protect our rights to ourselves, but also the property and wealth that we own. And then you go to the Equal Protection Clause, that protects our rights not to be discriminated based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexuality. I’ve blogged about this before, but the United States Constitution is not the problem with America.

The problem with America, is our public officials on the Far-Left and Far-Right. Who don’t understand, agree with and ignore the Constitution. Who somehow view that their statist philosophy is more important than the Constitution. And in their narrow minds, gives them the right to impose their values on what it means to be an American. Over individuals and the Constitution itself. But as long government protects our Constitution, then they are also protecting all the freedom that we need to live and live well.


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