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Inky: Video: Citroen DS OldTimer in Berlin

. This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal on WordPress This car right here, this beautiful 1971 D-Model Citroen, brings back great memories for me. My father at one point owned three of them. Grew up with all … Continue reading

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The New York Times: Newt Gingrich Remembers Government Shutdown of 1995

Big differences between the 1995 government and what looks like now at almost 11PM-EST the start of a 2013 government shutdown. First of all the personal, President Bill Clinton and Speaker Newt Gingrich actually liked each other. And as Speaker … Continue reading

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The Young Turks: U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham: ObamaCare or ClintonCare?

I would love to see a national poll as far as everyone when it comes to political identity as well as party. Or if they are independent across the country as far as the popularity of what is the Affordable … Continue reading

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CBS News: Evening News- John Dickerson: What Can Still be Done to Avoid a Government Shutdown?

This is what Congressional gridlock looks like with a divided Congress that has a minority faction the Tea Party. In a House Republican Conference telling the House Republican Leadership that they simply won’t vote for any government funding bill. That … Continue reading

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CBS News: Video: Evening News: Nancy Cordes: GOP at Odds Over Government Funding bill

GOP at Odds Over Government Funding bill – YouTube. As President Obama said talking to House Republicans like they are children. House Republicans need to knock it off and get past what they call ObamaCare and except realty that they … Continue reading

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RT: The Big Picture- Lone Progressive Rumble: Guns or Chicken, Which is More Dangerous?

Anyone who gets bailed out by tax payers for screwing up their own lives or business. Has no right to complain which is what it looks like from the CEO of AIG. I’m not for capping CEO wages and wages … Continue reading

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Amatrixa: 1983 Jordache Jeans Commercial

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal Plus The music might sound corny thirty-years later, but those Jordache denims on that women certainly do not look corny. If anything those designer jeans and that type of designer denim … Continue reading

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