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American Workforce

American Workforce

American organized labor has at least three problems that I see and one of them is self-inflicted.

The first one organize labor doesn’t have any control over. More Americans thanks to the technological media revolution are now better educated and work jobs where organized labor. Is simply not needed working white-collar jobs where employees are able to negotiate their own. Pay and compensation and do not feel the need for organized labor.

The second problem is a political one with more economic-Libertarians and Neoconservatives holding public office in America. Executives and legislatures who are anti-labor and want to see organized labor go out of business and have made it very difficult for them to organize. Let alone stay in business.

The third problem the self-inflicted one has to do with the management of organized labor. They are too political in the sense that they tend to support only one party the. Democratic Party for good reasons obviously because Democrats aren’t looking to put them out of. Business but the drawback of that is they tend to support Democrats that a lot of their members especially in Southern and rural areas. Do not support so these members get annoyed by that and say why should my union dues go to candidates I don’t support or even like. This union doesn’t represent me so why should I be a member of it. The other self-inflicted problem for organized labor and an area where they’ve gotten better at. Has to do with corruption issues and mismanagement which makes it difficult for organized labor to get. Started and continue to bring in members.

Going forward for organized labor to survive let alone be successful in the future. They need to do a couple of things. One have choice for their members to unionize or not to unionize. Be a member, be represented by the union and pay dues or not. Let the workers decide for themselves whether or not to be members or not and if they say no. They can represent themselves when it comes to management or negotiate in voluntary pools of people. And not have to pay dues because they are not being represented by unions. The second solution quite frankly is to elect more Democrats so they can stay in business and have a shot at. Succeeding in the future.


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