CBS News: Face The Nation’s Bob Schieffer- Sunday Talk Syria

Murderous Thug

Murderous Thug

This is the question. Should dictators who use weapons of mass destruction against their own people be held accountable. And not held accountable to the sense that, ah gee you did a real bad thing, you’ve been a bad boy. In the case of the forty-eight year old Bashar Al-Assad. Try not to do that again because that is not nice. In other words take the soft layoff approach and just try to communicate with people verbally. By giving them a verbal slap on the wrist which is how Democrats were stereotyped in the 1970s and 80s as being. Soft on crime, one option or should we say god-dammit Bashar you committed some really horrible acts. Here which comes with serious consequences to the point that we sure as hell don’t want you to do this again and perhaps not. Even be able to do it again and that’s assuming we let you stay in power. But if we do let you stay in power the responsible international community, maybe that won’t be our decision. And we’ll let the people you gassed make that call for us and stand by them as they take you out. Hopefully catch you alive and prosecute you for war-crimes.

If you are familiar with this blog you know I want the Assad Regime taken out so the Syrian people can get past him. And yes that means military force and I called for a no fly zone over Syria a coalition of NATO and the Arab League two years ago. And even Israel if they want to and it makes sense for them to help out. But short of that we need to prevent the Assad Regime from using weapons of mass destruction on their people again. And being able to give those weapons to people who would use them against Americans ever again.


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