Thom Hartmann: Left vs. Far-Left on Syria



Pretty good example of how the American-Left which I’m part of as a Liberal and do not hide from that at all. Is not just made up of anti-military, war and military interventions are never an option. America is part of the problem anti-American hippie cult. That of course these people exist on the Left in America. But that as I argued before that the Left is much more politically diverse especially on foreign policy. That you have the Roosevelt Progressive-Democrats who believe in strong defense as well as Liberal-Internationalism. As well as Jack Kennedy/Bill Clinton defense hawks who believe that America always has to be strong. Not because we want to use force but so force isn’t used against us. And who are also Liberal-Internationalists who do not want America to be isolated from the world or run the world. That we aren’t going to stand by and let dictators murder their people but we also aren’t going to. Try to solve all the problems in the world ourselves, which is the wing of the Democratic Party that I’m from.


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