MSNBC: Jared Bernstein- “U.S Income Inequality Getting Worse as Republicans Intensify Attacks on The Poor”

Anti-Poverty Protester

Anti-Poverty Protester

A real debate and something I participate in from time to time on this blog. Just check out my War on Poverty section on this blog. Would be about how to empower low-income Americans to be. Able to take care of themselves so they do not need financial public assistance in the future. So they don’t need money for housing, money for food, money just to pay their bills, money for healthcare. Because they are able to pay these bills themselves because they have a good job. That provides the income or benefits or a combination of both. That allows for them to pay their own bills. And as I’ve blogged before that gets to short-term public assistance so low-income people can meet their basic needs in the short-term. But long-term it has to be about education and job-training for people on public assistance to tend to lack the skills. That they need to get a good jobs simply because they aren’t prepared for a good job simply by not being qualified for it. Which is why they tend to work these service sector minimum wage or low wage jobs to pay their bills. While also collecting public assistance.


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