▶ Political Articles: Video: The Ed Show: Trickle Down to Tea Party: Reaganomics Has Failed

Mixed Economic Record

Mixed Economic Record

▶ The Ed Show: Trickle Down To The Tea Party: Reaganomics Has Failed – YouTube.

Well when you look at the facts that we still have over seven percent official unemployment. An economy growing at one percent if that. A lot of the job growth being in the service sector and part-time jobs at that. Falling wages and rising personal debt including college debt. It is easy to see why President Obama has a forty-five percent approval rating on the economy. Actually considering those numbers forty-five percent seems very high considering where the economy is. President Jimmy Carter would’ve sold his farm and home to have a forty-five percent approval rating on the economy. And the reason why the President of the United States whoever that person is, gets the approval or disapproval rating on the economy. Because he’s the only national leader in the country, the only person who runs for office at the national level. As much as political junkies might be familiar with House Speaker John Boehner. Senate Leader Harry Reid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Most of the country have never heard of most of these people simply because they represent. Districts and states and are not accountable to the rest of the country. Especially in an era where Americans tend to be more interested in whose the latest so-called celebrity in pop culture. And what technology that person uses and who they are dating and what they wear. Rather than politics, current affairs and economic policy.

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