RT: The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann- Ben Beachy: The New Left and The TPP

Bill Moyers
Source: RT: The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann- Ben Beachy: The New Left & The TPP

Pretty good example of how American organize labor which is part of the New-Left in America, perhaps are Democrats in name only. Ideologically only perhaps small-d democrats. People who want a political voice in a major Left political party. But ideologically a lot more comfortable in the Green Party. Free trade, is a perfect example of this, where you might have better luck finding a super obese supermodel, than a Socialist who supports an international free trade agreement.

The New-Left as much as they may claim to love Franklin Roosevelt, aren’t FDR or Jack Kennedy Democrats. These aren’t Progressives or Liberals, but Social Democrats which is a little different. But free trade is the perfect example of how organize labor is only officially Democrats meaning members of the Democratic Party for political calculations. Not ideological reasons, which is different because they back the Democratic Party. Without the Democratic Party, organize labor wouldn’t have a major voice in American politics. You could argue that the Democratic Party pre-Bill Clinton, needed labor. But labor has always needed the Democrats.

The Democratic Party is now so big and inclusive, that we now have Democratic Socialists in big northern and western cities and Blue Dog fiscal conservative, socially moderate Democrats in the South. As well as Center-Left Liberal and Progressive Democrats, all over the country. That they no longer need organize labor to raise money. Because of their interests in Hollywood and liberal business groups.

The Democrats also have progressive business groups and the reason why organize labor are still with the Democrats, is again for political calculations. Because the Democratic Party is the official leftist party in America. And the Republican Party wants nothing to do with them. But free trade is a perfect example of how organize labor no longer fits in the Democratic Party ideologically. And would be better off in the Green Party ideologically. A much more socialist/social democratic party, than the Democratic Party.


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