▶Marshall Poe: Video: Shelton Stromquist: The Progressive Movement, Class and Modern Liberalism

New-Left in America

New-Left in America

▶ Shelton Stromquist: The Progressive Movement, Class and Modern Liberalism – YouTube.

The term Modern-Liberal is something that I do not like as a Liberal because Modern-Liberals aren’t Liberals. Just like how real Conservatives feel about Neoconservatives and Neoconservatism. So you probably have a pretty good idea about how I feel about so-called Modern-Liberalism as well. Something that is not Liberalism but something way to the Left of Liberalism and more about the state and centralizing government more than it is today. The idea being that if people have a lot of freedom and government becomes decentralized that. Mistakes will be made by individuals and state and local governments that society as a whole have to deal with. If you are a real Liberal you certainly do not want government to be very centralized and to give one authority so much power. Especially over everyone one else because Liberals are taught to question authority and the establishment as well as the. Status-quo and with one authority having so much power over the everyone else we would see absolute power with. People not having enough control over their own lives.

The Left in America started out as a Liberal movement and then went beyond that with the Progressive movement. Of the early twentieth century that had more Socialist leanings with the New Deal and the creation of the safety net. But still left Capitalism and individual freedom both economic and personal in place. Same thing with the Great Society of the 1960s more government social insurance for people who needed it. But still left in freedom of choice for everyone instead of government taking over things that use to be private. And this was good for the Left because it gave the Left competition between Liberals and Progressives. Just like the Right now has competition between Conservatives and Libertarians. Two Center-Left ideologies and political factions that both essentially believe in the same things. But have slightly different roles for government in how to achieve them.

That changed in the late 1960s and a lot of this can be blamed as I would put it on the Vietnam War. Which now looks like a very stupid war for foreign policy, militarily but also humanitarian and political reasons as well for the American-Left. If you want you could really blame this on President Lyndon Johnson who could’ve not of escalated the war. But you can also blame this on the baby boom generation because that is the generation where the. New-Left was born in America what I call the Far-Left people who tend to be called Modern-Liberals. Who again aren’t very Liberal because they tend to be very Socialist in their economic philosophy. That the problem in America is that we have too much choice and the private sector is too big. And what we really need is a more centralized government running a lot of these things and replacing the private sector on a lot of these areas.

But it is not just economic policy that defines the New-Left in America people who tend be somewhat Socialist on economic policy. But then a lot of these so-called Modern-Liberals combine their Socialist economic policies with Paternalistic views on social issues. Prohibition is a big tool of the New-Left. It started with alcohol prohibition in the 1930s for Paternalists but then moved to narcotics in the early 1970s with Paternalists. To today now they are talking about outlawing basically anything that is unhealthy for us. That freedom of choice shouldn’t include things that are unhealthy for people because we as a. Society has to deal with those problems. Again gets to centralizing power so people aren’t free to make as many mistakes with their own lives. Protecting people from themselves essentially which gets to things like outlawing soft drinks but junk food as well. Again for individuals own good like we can’t make these decisions for ourselves.

The Paternalistic view of the world coming from the New-Left would be a kind gentle world. Where law enforcement and the military wouldn’t be necessary because we would all be Pacifists. Where we would all be nice to each other because hate speech would be banned. And where we would live in a safe dull world with basically only having freedom as long as we. Are living healthy because things that aren’t good for us would be banned. And there is nothing Liberal about it but completely Statist perhaps Neo-Communist that tends to be. Common in the Eastern world rather than in the West.


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