▶ The Real News: Video: Nathan Schneider: Why Didn’t OWS Transform Into a Political Movement?

Left Out

Left Out

▶ Nathan Schneider: Why Didn’t OWS Transform Into a Political Movement? – YouTube.

A big reason why Occupy Wall Street didn’t turn into a bigger political movement unlike lets say the Tea Party in 2009-11. That is sorta fading away now as far as being able to help the Republican Party win in the future. Is that Occupiers tend to be not only be anti-corporate but anti-wealth and in some case anti-Capitalist as well. Which makes it hard for them to raise money even from mainstream Democrats on the Left who tend to have resources and are. Business oriented and not looking to back people who might try to put them out of business if they meaning OWS were ever in power. There’s plenty of money on the Left in America but it is in the Liberal-Center in the Democratic Party. Not the Far-Left that has more of a Socialist feel to it unlike on the Right with the Tea Party. Who are all about money in a lot of cases and have a lot of people in corporate America who like what they have to say. So a big reason why you didn’t see a revolution of Occupiers win in Congress in 2012. And give the Democrats back the House and a bigger majority in the Senate. Is because they weren’t able to raise the resources to win Democratic nominations. Or beat Republicans in the general elections.


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