▶ CBS News: Video: This Morning: Bob Schieffer: “The War Over ObamaCare is Over”

That's The Way it is

That’s The Way it is

▶ This Morning: Bob Schieffer: “War Over ObamaCare is Over” – YouTube.

As Doors frontman Jim Morrison said, the war is over and he was referring to the Vietnam War. And actual war obviously but that phrase fits this as well. Because the Affordable Care Act is still unpopular even though it is more popular than it was in 2010. Because Americans are starting to see the benefits of it. Plus it was ruled constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court, President Obama and the Democratic Senate is reelected with more seats. The only people who haven’t gotten the memo on this are the suicide pilots in the Republican Party the Tea Party. Who believe they are on a mission from Jesus Christ to eliminate the Affordable Care Act at all costs. Even if that means destroying the Republican Party and their slim majority in the House of Representatives in the process. While the rest of the Republican Party the real leaders and adults are saying look. I’m not a Republican to weaken the Republican Party that yes we hate ObamaCare but I’m not going to destroy the GOP. As we try to destroy ObamaCare without any shot of winning that battle because of the current political situation in Congress.


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