▶ Political Articles: Video: MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry: The Progressivism of America’s Millennial Generation

Views on Social Issues

Views on Social Issues

▶ MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-

Perry: The Progressivism of America’s millennial Generation – YouTube.

The problem with this argument and I’m not a millennial but a Gen-Xer. But the problem with this argument is that millennial’s tend to be business and results oriented. Pragmatic and many them tend to work in business and in a lot of cases running or even owning a. Successful business at a very young age and do not like high taxes and regulations that. Today’s so-called Progressives tend to push for. But millennial’s also tend to be tolerant to Liberal on social issues and do not look down on people based on. Race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, nationality. Instead they tend to be judgemental when it comes to pop culture and other cultural issues. And tend to judge people based on are they are up to date on the latest technology or what is the. Latest pop and celebrity news and who people follow and that sorta of thing. Rather than how people are born and where they are born. Good news for Democrats and I would even argue Libertarians. Is that millennial’s tend to be Liberal on social issues and even economic issues as well when it comes to the idea that everybody. Should have a fair shot at being successful in life and not centralizing all the power with the wealthy. That all Americans should have the opportunity to do well along with the Liberal social issues. Which is where the mainstream of the Democratic Party not the Far-Left is today.


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