Le Canadian: C-SPAN’s Washington Journal- Christopher Hitchens & Andrew Sullivan: Is America Great From 2002



Source: Le Canadian: Christopher Hitchens- Is America Great?

I do not mind debating whether or not America is great. By the way I believe the answer is obvious and if people who do not like America or at least the American system or American. Form of government do not get that or do not want to understand that or admit that. The fact that we have 10-15 million illegal immigrants in America and that the rest of the. Developed world looks at us for leadership and to take the leading role when an international crisis. Happens and not looking to Canada or Europe or Japan or Australia. Are the perfect examples of why America is not only a great country and the greatest country in the world. People simply want to live here and have the freedom over their own lives. Doesn’t mean America is paradise or a Liberal-Utopia where everything is perfect and everyone lives in a great amount of freedom. Of course we have our own problems and imperfections that we are debating as a country right now. As far as how to deal with them but no other country has the power. Economic, diplomatic, militarily and the demand for people to want to live here. Than the United States of America and that is what makes us the greatest.


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