CBS News: Evening News- John Dickerson: What Can Still be Done to Avoid a Government Shutdown?



This is what Congressional gridlock looks like with a divided Congress that has a minority faction the Tea Party. In a House Republican Conference telling the House Republican Leadership that they simply won’t vote for any government funding bill. That funds the Affordable Care Act and hold enough seats in the House of Representatives to kill any. Republican legislation especially with most if not all House Democrats voting against any Republican only bill. With Senate Democrats saying the debate on the Affordable Care Act is over. We have the votes and the power to make sure you do not defund or repeal the Affordable Care Act. Along with the President of the United States. We have more power than you in this divided government and the votes to pass a clean government funding bill. As well as what you want in the funding bill not including the ACA. In other words both House Republicans and Senate Democrats agree on what. Level the Federal Government should be funded at for 2014. The only thing they disagree on is should the ACA be part of that.

Democrats have the upper hand in this debate because they control the White House and Senate. And the ACA was debated and a big part of the 2012 general elections and they still won anyway. President Obama was reelected, Senate Democrats added to their majority. House Democrats picked up seats and Republicans still do not have the power to get everything they. Want and they need to get over the ACA until they have the power that they need to repeal it. And pass a funding bill that will fund the government including the ACA.


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