The New York Times: Newt Gingrich Remembers Government Shutdown of 1995

Governing is Compromising

Governing is Compromising

Big differences between the 1995 government and what looks like now at almost 11PM-EST the start of a 2013 government shutdown. First of all the personal, President Bill Clinton and Speaker Newt Gingrich actually liked each other. And as Speaker Gingrich said on CNN a few hours ago. They talked almost everyday before and during the 1995 shutdown. They ate meals together as they were negotiating. President Obama talks to Speaker Boehner once a week if that and vice-versa they do not communicate very well. President Obama and Leader Reid do talk on a regular basis because the Democratic Senate is a big part of President Obama’s. Congressional strategy to try to put pressure on the Republican House. The other big factor being of course the House Tea Party with its sixty or so members. With enough votes to prevent the House Republican Leadership from passing anything with just Republican votes. And their no surrender ever attitude and compromise is working with the enemy and any Republican. Who compromises is working for the enemy which is the main problem right now.


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