The Real News: Paul Street- Government Shutdown Reflects Struggles Within Capitalist Republican Elite

GOP Opposition

GOP Opposition

The whole movement against the so-called ObamaCare or what is actually officially called the Affordable Care Act. And if you read this blog on a regular basis you know I call it the Affordable Care Act or ACA. But the opposition to it is backed by people who profited most by the old American healthcare system prior to 2010. Which by the health insurance industry and right-wing including Libertarian business people. Who saw the old healthcare system as not much more for a piggy bank that people could take from to increase their profits. At the expense of people who couldn’t afford to lose their health insurance when they needed it and. Had no other options because they weren’t poor enough to qualify for Medicaid or not old enough to qualify for Medicare. And the health insurance industry not all companies but too many of them. Saw this population as targets that they could take advantage of. That we would cover their health insurance as long as we can profit a lot from them but they can only have. That health insurance until they needed it which is when we would cut them off. That was the old American health insurance system.


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