▶ Thom Hartmann: Video: “JFK Did Not Cut Taxes on The Rich!”

Kennedy/Johnson Tax Cuts

Kennedy/Johnson Tax Cuts

▶ “JFK Did Not Cut Taxes on The Rich!” – YouTube.

Fact President Lyndon Johnson cut the tax rates for everyone including the wealthy. He passed through a Democratic Congress with I’m sure a lot of Republican votes in the House and Senate. What President Kennedy wanted to do but obviously didn’t finish before he was assassinated. Which was to cut taxes on the wealthy including taking the top tax rate of I believe ninety-one-percent to seventy-four-percent. And took the bottom tax rate of I believe twenty-five-percent down to twenty percent. But what President Johnson also did was to cut wasteful tax loopholes in the system that didn’t benefit anyone except the wealthy. While allowing everyone to keep more of their own money.


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