AlterNet: Opinion: Paul L. Thomas: The Central Issue at The Heart of America’s Growing Income Gap

Freedom in Public Education

Freedom in Public Education Opinion: Paul L Thomas: The Central Issue at the Heart of America’s Growing Education Gap

One of the advantages of living in a Liberal-Democracy compared with let’s say an authoritarian type of country. Or a country where the state owns and controls a lot of the wealth and economic activity. Is that people in theory at the very least have the opportunity to be successful in life as they possibly can. Because we all have access to get freedom in life both economic and personal freedom. We aren’t entitled to quality of results, meaning that income and wealth is spread evenly through society. Sorta how our parents spread the food around at dinner or breakfast time. But that we have quality opportunity, meaning that we are all entitled to a good opportunity to be successful in life. And then of course what we do with these opportunities is almost completely dependent on us. And that these opportunities are built around education, a tax system that promotes wealth and success. Doesn’t punish those things and a regulatory system that protects innocent customers and workers from. Predatory behavior and not trying to run business’s and industries.

We do not have that in America right now for far too many Americans. Instead we have a country where your chances at success in life have a lot to do with the income level. And economic status of your parents and for a lot of people it is just parent. A single mother who lacks the skills to give a good life for herself and her kids. The father is out of the picture because he walked out on his kids or doesn’t even know he has kids. Because the mother didn’t either share that with him or she doesn’t know who the father or her kids are. And we also have a public education system that decides where the students go to school. Rather than the parents and even students making this fundamentally key decision for the students. And if you live in a middle class or wealthy neighborhood. This system works pretty well for you but if you live in a rough low-income neighborhood. This system works horribly for you and essentially guarantees that you won’t finish high school with the skills that. You need to do well in life even if you finish high school at all.

So for America to be the Liberal-Democracy that I believe most Americans want it to be. And I know I’m one of them not just as a Liberal-Democrat but as an American as well. We simply need a better education system especially the public education system. Where most Americans get their education because the private education system will always do well in America.

And that means if you are interested in money in this debate. Stop funding public schools squarely off the property tax and even move away from it because it is a high tax for. Middle class workers and stop funding schools based on where they are located. Meaning wealthy and middle class schools are funded very well and low-income schools are underfunded. And start funding schools based on what they need to do well and insure that all of their students. Are able to get the skills that they need to succeed and move on to the next stage. And this is where the Federal Government should and can come in to close the financial gap in education.

Stop sending students to schools based on where they live and instead send them to schools based. On what the best school is for them and that means the parents making that decision for them. With educators and the students even being able to weigh in on what is the best school for the student. That is called public school choice.

Final idea but not the least important is to stop paying educators based on how long they’ve taught. But instead pay them based on how much and well their students are learning. Can they read and write do math at grade level and so forth or do they need extra help. And if they need extra help are they able to get that help or not.

The extra funding of our public education system would certainly help. But not if it is just extra money into a failing system but instead comes with the reforms that make our. Public education system as good as it can and should be so most if not all Americans have the tools. That they need to live in freedom in this country and where freedom is no longer based. On the income level of your parents and whether you came from a wealthy family. A middle class family or a low-income family.


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