▶ The Young Turks: Video: Are Republicans On A Suicide Mission?

Fascist Tea Party

Fascist Tea Party

▶ Are Republicans On A Suicide Mission? – YouTube.

Some members of the Tea Party taking President Bush’s War on Terror line of you are either with us or against us literally. Meaning you always agree with us and never decent or you are completely against us. Either believe government has no role in regulating the economy or you are a Marxist-Socialist. You believe the Federal Government should repeal or defund the Affordable Care Act at all costs. Like keeping the government shutdown indefinitely and denying people who the Tea Party represents services that they use. Like farm subsidies and food assistance or defaulting on our debts and crashing the economy. Or you are a Socialist or a Liberal-Democrat and these are the people who Speaker John Boehner only officially. Presides over in the House of Representatives, Speaker Boehner at least right now basically works for them. Because they probably have the votes to fire him at any point unless establishment Republicans step up and back the Speaker. When and how he makes a deal with Senate Democrats and President Obama which is why we still have a government shutdown.


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