▶ Thom Hartmann: Video: “Kings, Warlords & Theocrats Have no Place in America”

Power to The People

Power to The People

▶ “Kings, Warlords & Theocrats Have no Place in America” – YouTube.

Kings, warlords and theocrats have no place in America in the sense and I would qualify this as far as governing the country. And that we the people meaning we the people and not we the government having the power on the people’s behalf. Have the power in this country and that we give government the responsibility to govern the country. Not try to govern our lives for us and that I would add one more category of people who do not have a place when it comes to. Governing the country and that is people who are statists or paternalists both from an economic and personal point of the view. Whether it is the Mike Bloomberg’s on the Far-Left who want to protect Americans from themselves essentially. By regulating what people can eat and drink or what healthcare they can get or what they can smoke. Security over freedom or statists or paternalists on the Far-Right who want government in our bedrooms and not. Only control what people can put in their bodies as far as drugs but also what people can do in the privacy of our own homes. And invoke their religious values on the rest of the country. Statists or paternalists on the Far-Left or Far-Right have no business running America period.


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