Economic Bill of Rights for the 21st Century: What Economic Freedom is Really About

FDR New Deal

FDR New Deal

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An Economic Bill of Rights for the 21st Century.

When President Franklin Roosevelt gave his famous speech about an Economic Bill of Rights in 1944. He was talking about things that people need to have to live well in America. Like living wages, a good job, access to affordable quality healthcare. Good housing, a good pension and so-forth that these rights would be guaranteed to all Americans by the. United States Government and couldn’t be taken away. That even if you dropped out of high school and do not have the skills to work anywhere above what would be a minimum wage job in this. Country even if you are forty years old that government meaning the tax payers or the people you would. Work for at a fast-food restaurant or a bowling ally or a convenience store. Would have to make sure you are paid enough so you can get the housing, healthcare and everything. Else that people need to live well in this rich huge country. Well if you read my blog on a regular basis especially when I’m blogging about economics you know I do not believe that. When government is giving you things that is freedom because you are dependent on someone else to provide for. Your economic security and not you having the ability to do these things for yourself.

My idea of economic freedom is very similar to my idea about personal freedom. The ability for individuals to live their own lives and not being dependent on others to do that. For them that we are responsible for ourselves and if we want to live well we have the. Responsibility to make that happen for ourselves and where government comes in is to see that we all have. The opportunities we need mostly built around a good education for us as kids. And job training for low-skilled workers and the low-skilled unemployed. But what we do with these opportunities is up to us as individuals and not people who’ve done well for. Themselves being forced to subsidize people who haven’t made it in life. Up to the point that the less-fortunate less say have everything they need to do well in life so they do not have. To even finish their education and get themselves a good job.

My idea of an economic bill of rights is about economic freedom. When people have that they can get everything they need to live well in life. Housing, healthcare, health insurance, pension, all the good food they need to eat and live well. But they provide these things for themselves based on the best available services that the private market can provide. And where government comes in is to make sure we all have the opportunities that we need in life. To live in freedom that is built around education and regulatory system that protects the innocent from predators. But doesn’t itself meaning government give us everything that we need in life to live well.


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