American Prospect: Opinion: Harold Meyerson: Two-Faced: The Democratic Party’s Divergent Future

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Harold Meyerson: Two-Faced: The Democratic Party’s Divergent Future.

As a Democrat I believe the Democratic Party is stronger when it has two competing factions on the Center-Left. Trying to push the party in once governmental or ideological faction and not all Democrats being exactly the same ideologically. I believe the Republican Party is stronger when it has two competing ideological factions on the Center-Right doing. The same thing for the GOP because it gives Democrats and Republicans choices especially come primary time. When Democrats and Republicans have to decide who to pick to take on the Democrat or. Republican in any particular race instead of all the candidates saying essentially the same things on all the issues. Making these primary contests essentially character debates and voters being left to decide which candidate is worst and more corrupt. Or whose not really a Liberal or Progressive in Democratic politics or whose not really a Conservative in. Republican politics that instead Democrats and Republicans get to pick from whose the best of the best.

Democrats have that opportunity now in Liberals who want all Americans to have freedom and be able to govern their own lives. Built around education and equal opportunity as well as competition compared with Progressives who have a bigger government role for everything. And do not want the private sector doing things that government traditionally does and want. Government playing a bigger role in people’s lives in how they receive economic and social services that people receive. This is no longer Liberal vs Conservative in the Democratic Party like it was in the 1950s and 60s and to a certain extent 1970s. This is now Leftist vs Leftist in the Democratic Party since the Democratic Party is now the official. Center-Left party in America and no longer a party of Liberals, Progressives and Conservatives. But a party of Liberals, Progressives and Democratic-Socialists and what Democrats get to decide. On primary day is how far to the Left, generally Center-Left do they want to go.

Corey Booker a Moderate-Liberal to Liberal-Democrat Mayor of Newark and the next U.S. Senator from New Jersey. And Bill De Blasio the next Mayor of New York City are perfect examples of the two Leftist factions in the Democratic Party. And they are both from the Northeast and both give Democrats a choice in who to vote for and where they want to see their next. Senator or mayor goes and give Democrats good choices in who to vote for.


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