Campaign For America’s Future: Derek Pugh- Fast Food With A Side Of Poverty, And What It Costs Us: How to Save Tax Payers Money on Public Assistance



Campaign For America’s Future: Derek Pugh- Fast Food With A Side Of Poverty, And What It Costs Us.

If you truly want to know what economic freedom is and is about and not just the political slogan. It is really about the ability for one to live off of themselves and pay their own way. And to live in freedom without having to rely on public assistance or private charity. Or their family and friends to pay their bills everyday, every week, every month and every. Year so if you are working and even working full-time but you need Food Assistance or Public Housing. Or Medicaid to pay your bills, you simply do not have economic freedom. Because you are relying on others to pay your way for you and sometimes pay more than. You do to cover your own bills. And public assistance and I’m for it and I’ve made that clear plenty of times on this blog. But it costs tax payers money because the money that low-skilled-low-wage workers do not make. That gets picked up by tax payers so we do not have workers especially. Going homeless or having to starve themselves or going without healthcare to pay their bills.

So what I would do to resolve this problem and save tax payer funds down the road. Is by spending more money up front and I would make all of our public assistance programs. Self-sufficient and self-reliant financially so we do not have to worry about how to finance. Them in the future but going further to save more money on public assistance but more. Importantly have fewer low-wage-low-skilled workers in the future and a bigger and stronger. Middle class we have to expand quality education and job training in America. And yes that os going to cost more money at first but what I would do is to say that anyone. Eligible and on any form of public assistance in America whose not retired. Who is also low-skilled is also eligible for financial assistance to finish their education. But I would go even further than that and make it a requirement for recipients whether they. Are working or not to receive public assistance they also have to be in job training. So they aren’t working low-wage-low-skilled jobs long-term but just a job for the short-term. While they are improving their skills.

I would go even further than that and increase the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to 10-12 dollars. Over five years with a break for small employers to put more money in these workers hands up. Front so they do not need as much public assistance and be able to live off more of their own money. As they are also improving their skills to get a good job. And get off of public assistance all together.


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