▶ The Real News: Video: Jessica Desvarieux & Jack Temple: More than Half of Fast Food Workers Rely on Welfare

Event For a Higher Minimum Wage

Event For a Higher Minimum Wage

FRS FreeStates on Facebook▶ Jessica Desvarieux & Jack Temple: More Than Half of Fast Food Workers Rely on Welfare – YouTube.

As I pointed out last night if you are living on public assistance. Things like public housing, food assistance, Medicaid just to survive. You do not have economic freedom because you do not have the freedom to take care of yourself. You are relying on others and in many cases others to pay for than what you pay. In order to pay for yourself so even though many these employers have economic freedom. Especially their executives, a lot of cases it comes at the cost of middle class workers. Who have to make up for what employers do not have to pay for their workforce. Which is not fair and I’m not saying that people who are low-skilled who didn’t finish their. Education because of bad decision-making on their part or for other reasons. Should be making middle class salaries that of course they should be making what their. Skills and production bring to their job but that middle workers shouldn’t get stuck with. Most of the costs of low-income workers public assistance as well. That employers should be picking up at least some of these costs as well.

As I’ve blogged before I want to have and believe America really needs to have an economy. That is as strong as we need it to be let alone and as strong as it could be. We need to reform our public assistance system to the point that low-wage jobs are something. That people have while they are improving their skills so they can get a better job. That maybe someone on Welfare whose obviously unemployed. Finish’s their high school education if they haven’t done that yet. And then goes to work at lets say a fast-food chain or a bookstore. While at the same time they are in a job training program or in a vocational school or a. Junior college getting help to pay for that with help from middle class and wealthy tax payers. But also their employer to further their education and getting themselves the skills. That they need to get a good job and perhaps manage a restaurant or a bookstore or. Some other business so they can move off of public assistance all together.

We need to do a couple of things in America economically when it comes to our workforce. Expand quality education and job training but fully fund and pay for our. Public assistance system so it finances itself which will save tax payers a lot of money. And we wouldn’t have to cut these programs as we are cutting the debt and deficit. And we could pay for Medicaid by requiring employers who pay low-wages to pay for those workers. Health insurance by either paying into Medicaid or paying for health insurance that goes as. Far as Medicaid as well as requiring employers to pay into food assistance for their low-wage workers. And pay for public housing as well so employers can’t profit off the backs of tax payers. For having a workforce that is so poor they need public assistance from others.


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