The Nation: Opinion- George Zornick- Food Stamp Cuts: A Bipartisan Scandal



Food Stamp Diet

Food Stamp Diet

Source: The Nation: Opinion- George Zornick-Food Stamp Cuts: A Bipartisan Scandal 

Yesterday as I was leaving my neighborhood Giant supermarket in Bethesda in the Washington area. I donated three cans of can sausages to a food drive that gives free food to hungry people. Who are hungry not because they are obese and can’t control their diets but because they. Can not afford enough food to eat to feed themselves. I mention this because I want to brag about how generous I am. No that is a bad joke but the real reason I mention this is because this Friday. People for no fault of their own other than living in poverty will have less money to pay for. Their groceries this coming weekend thanks to the sequester that is part of the 2011 Budget Control Act. A bill that has some good things in it like controlling the deficit and national debt. To help contain those things but has some bad bipartisan elements in it as well. Like the sequester which is automatic across the board budget cuts including in national defense. But also in areas like public assistance including Food Assistance the. Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program which benefits people who can’t afford enough. Groceries for themselves and their families. A perfect example of bad bipartisanship.

You want to tackle the debt and deficit, great I’ll probably be with you on that. As long as you are real and serious about it and do not target people who can’t afford your. Budget cuts and go where the real money is instead which is entitlements, defense. And the tax code and you want to save money in areas like poverty assistance. Look to reform programs and look to ways to have fewer people on those programs. Which comes with better economic and job growth but good jobs that are jobs that pay. Enough so people can pay their own bills and not need programs like SNAP to. Survive and have better educational and job training opportunities for the low-skilled unemployed. But also for low-skilled workers again so they can get themselves good jobs and not need. Public assistance at all to pay their bills.

When it comes to reforming programs that we have to have as part of the safety net. Instead of having them part of general tax revenue. Make them self-financed and self-sufficient. Employers who want to underpay their workers. Fine not happy about that but have them pay a price for that pay into programs like SNAP. Welfare Insurance, Medicaid, Public Housing to use as examples so these programs. Pay for themselves similar to Medicare and Social Security and wouldn’t need to be cut. When money is tight and in bad economic times. That is my reform suggestion for today.

Janne Louise Anderson: The Impact of Budget Cuts To Food Stamp Program on Emergency Food Suppliers


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