All David Letterman: NBC’s The Late Show- Mike Wallace on Things in 1988

60 Minutes
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As far as the 1988 vice presidential debate between Senator Lloyd Bentsen and Dan Quayle, people who believe Dan Quayle won that debate and would find him to be an acceptable Vice President and more important President of the United States as a result, are the same people who fail in school and have to repeat grades and courses. People who don’t do their homework. The same people who voted for George W. Bush as for President twice and now think he was a bad President. “Damn! If I only did my homework!”

Not saying Dan Quayle is a dumb man. I don’t think he was a dumb U.S. Representative or Senator in Congress or a dumb Vice President even. From what I heard he was a solid Vice President for President George H.W. Bush and President Bush kept him busy, but behind the scenes so he couldn’t make any big public mistakes, like the potato incident in 1991 or 92. But not being dumb is not a qualification for being Vice President or President of the Untied States. That is the bare-minimum to serving in those roles.

I think Dan Quayle had he stayed in the U.S. Senate and continued to study and do his homework, would’ve turned out to be a fine Senator and member of Congress. There are plenty of people who graduate college and never become famous. And why is that, because even though they are fairly intelligent, there’s nothing really impressive about them, at least upstairs. And they end up selling insurance, driving trucks, perhaps working at a small law firm. Chasing accidents and looking to score money from bogus accident cases.

As far as David Letterman not doing Diane Sawyer on 60 Minutes, wait that didn’t some out right. Actually it came out perfectly and I’ll let the readers figure out what I mean by this. But as far Dave not being interviewed by Diane, to clean this up a little bit, Diane was probably too distracting for him. To cute and sweet and he would’ve ended up staring at her face in some trance as a result.


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